About Us

JJ Security is a privately owned comprehensive security company, focusing on the highest levels of customer service. We concentrate on commercial and government institutions with unique security needs. We specialize in electrical hardware, integration, and custom applications that are beyond the abilities of most other security companies. From servicing simple doors and locks to campus-wide closed circuit TV and remote locking solutions, JJ Security will meet your needs.

Our Company

We are big enough to handle the largest international and domestic corporations, yet small enough to provide the one-on-one customer relationships that are essential for today’s unique and varied requirements. All customers receive the highest level of attention, and we pride ourselves on our policy of not advertising. Most of JJ Security customers are large international and national security agencies, organizations, and multinational firms.

We have relationships with all major hardware manufacturers and can expedite work, mostly overnight, to supply all needs and customize products as needed.

Our Customers

Due to the highest levels of security required of our owners and technicians, it is our policy not to identify our customers. However, we’ve included a profile of a few of our recent clients:

• Large International Agency
• United States Governmental Agency
• New York Suburban Sewage Treatment Plant
• Largest & Most Renowned Public Hospital System in the US

• Local & National Nursing Homes
• International & Domestic Airports
• New York City Owners & Management Companies

Request our unmatched door installation service in Roslyn, New York, by calling (866) 465-7959.